Mount Sinai Health System

Workshop in Decision and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Healthcare Decision Making


Decision analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) are analytic tools to identify healthcare interventions that are effective and provide best value for money. Effectiveness can be measured in terms of number of cases, life years, or quality-adjusted life-years (QALYs). In CEA, the expected costs and effectiveness (QALYs) of a health care program are compared to at least one alternative program and incremental costs and effectiveness are used as criterion for decision making. Decision analysis and CEA can be considered the ultimate evidence synthesis methodologies and are increasingly applied by health care systems and payers for health policy and reimbursement decisions.


Course Description:

This workshop will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of decision analysis and CEA as well as hands-on training with decision-analytic software (TreeAge Pro Healthcare). Topics include the classical threshold approach to clinical decision making, how to estimate QALYs, how to estimate costs, population (Markov) and individual-level decision models, and uncertainty analysis. We will discuss how to interpret cost-effectiveness outcomes and how to present results from uncertainty analysis.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will have a basic understanding of how to incorporate uncertainties, trade-offs and values into a quantitative analysis for making medical decisions about treatment and diagnostic testing. Participants will be able to perform a basic CEA and understand how to transform this into a full cost-effectiveness study.


Course Requirements:

The work shop is targeted at a beginner level. Although participants may have some familiarity with decision analysis or CEA, this is not a requirement. Participants should however have some basic understanding of disease risks (prevalence and incidence), treatment effects, and diagnostic test properties (sensitivity and specificity). Participants are required to bring a laptop computer and purchase a TreeAge Pro Healthcare Student Course License for Academic Use (for price see Instructions for purchasing and installing TreeAge will be given at start of workshop.



Bart Ferket, MD, PhD

Wednesday, February 19 at 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Labs held in Annenberg 11-41; Lectures held in Hess (check confirmation email for details)