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Molecular & Cellular Signaling WIP (Work in Progress) Schedule

Fall 2021-Spring 2022

Wednesdays & Fridays 9-10 am  (we start at 9 am sharp)  

  • Beginning after Labor Day, all WIPs will be hybrid. We would like the presenters to give their talks live in Annenberg 19-79. Everyone is encouraged to attend live. However, the talks will also be transmitted by Zoom so that anyone who would prefer to attend remotely can with ease. (Presenters who cannot present live will be able to do so by Zoom.)

Dial-In Information

Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 9:00am to 10:00am

Annenberg , 19-79

Event Type

Academic, Career Development, Conference/Meeting, Lecture/Seminar, Special Event, Course


Faculty, Postdocs, Staff, Students, Health Care Professionals, Prospective Students, Prospective Faculty


Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Medical Education, Graduate Education, Postdoctoral Affairs


Neuroscience, Pharmacological Sciences, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Neurology


Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Ronald M. Loeb Center for Alzheimer's Disease, Seaver Autism Center for Research and Treatment, Center for Cognitive Health, Center for Neuromodulation, Center of Excellence on Brain Imaging, Center of Excellence on Mood, Motivation & Addiction, Center for Biostatistics, Center for Comparative Medicine and Surgery, Center for Affective Neuroscience, The Center for Glial Biology of Mount Sinai/CUNY, Center for Advanced Circuit Therapeutics, Center for Neural Circuits at Mount Sinai, Center for Neurotechnology and Behavior, Center for Behavioral Oncology, Center for Advanced Medical Simulation


The Friedman Brain Institute

Biophysics and Systems Pharmacology (BSP), Cancer Biology (CAB), Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cells (DRS), Genetics and Genomic Sciences (GGS), Immunology (IMM)



5 Freddyson Martínez-rivera, Eric Nestler Lab

7 Katherine Meckel, Drew Kiraly Lab

12 Michael B Fernando, Kristen Brennand and Paul Slesinger 

14 Zach Zeisler, Peter Rudebeck Lab

19 CANCELED-Alexandra Chisholm, Yasmin Hurd Lab

21 Samuel Powell, Schahram Akbarian lab

26 Tanni Rahman, Yasmin Hurd Lab

28 Susana Ramos, Nadejda Tsankova Lab



Canceled-2 Alex Serafini, Venetia Zachariou Lab-

4 Eric Parise, Eric Nestler Lab

9 Zoé Christenson Wick, Tristan Shuman Lab

11 Emma Lehmann, Paul Kenny Lab

16 Marine Salery, Eric Nestler Lab

18 Jennifer Blaze, Schahram Akbarian lab

23 Richard O’Connor, Paul Kenny Lab

25 Andrew Chan, Anne Schaefer Lab



2 Alex Serafini, Venetia Zachariou Lab

4 Ji-Seon Seo, Schahram Akbarian lab

9 Antonio Aubry, Scott Russo Lab

11 Available Date 

16 Kevin Braunscheidel, Paul Kenny Lab

18 Amara Plaza-Jennings, Schahram Akbarian lab

23  Maria-Daniela Cirnaru (Daniela) Scott Russo Lab

25 Rebecca S. Hofford, Drew Kiraly Lab

30 Canceled-Lyonna Parise, Scott Russo Lab



1 Isabel Gameiro-ros, Paul Slesinger/Goate Labs

6 Jaume Taura Iglesias, Paul Slesinger Lab

8 Matthew Challman, Anne Schaefer Lab

13 Kenny Chan, Scott Russo Lab

15 No WIP Good Friday 

20 Amanda Leithead, Hala Harony-Nicolas Lab

22 Ilinca Giosan, Venetia Zachariou Lab

27 Jeremy Sherman, Yasmin Hurd Lab

29 Caleb Browne, Eric Nestler Lab



4 Zarmeen Mussa, Nadejda Tsankova Lab

6 Amni Al-Kachak, Ian Maze Lab

11 Hayley Strasburger, Anne Schaefer Lab

13 No WIP 14th Annual Neuroscience Retreat (Riverside Church)

18 Canceled-Adele Mossa, Silvia De Rubeis Lab

20 Lauren Wills, Paul Kenny Lab

25 Jessica Crowley, Anne Schaefer Lab

27 Angélica Torres-Berrío, Eric Nestler Lab



1 Lauren Vetere, Tristan Shuman Lab

3 Philipp Mews, Eric Nestler Lab

8 Sasha Fulton, Ian Maze Lab

10 Ashley CunninghamIan Maze/Eric Nestler Lab

15 Canceled 

17 Sam Allen, Hirofumi Morishita lab

22 Canceled -Long Li, Scott Russo Lab

24 Adele Mossa, Silvia De Rubeis Lab

29 Marta Garcia-forn, Silvia De Rubeis Lab



1 Valerie Marallano, Roland Friedel Lab

6 Jennifer Chan, Ian Maze Lab 

8 Dalia Halawani Hongyan, (Jenny) Zou Lab

13 Sohini Dutta, Ian Maze Lab

15 Long Li, Scott Russo Lab

20 Jeremy Sherman    Yasmin Hurd Lab

22 Anina Lund, Eric Nestler Lab

27 Balagopal Pai (Balu), Nadejda Tsankova Lab

29 Lingchun KongIan, Maze Lab



3 Andrew Stewart, Ian Maze Lab

5 Angelica Minier-Toribio, Eric Nestler Lab

10 Yajing Xu, Anne Schaefer Lab

12 Yun Young Yim (Susan), Eric Nestler Lab 

17 Randy Ellis, Yasmin Hurd Lab

19 Christopher Guevara, Deanna Benson & George Huntley's Lab

24 Rollie F. Hampton, Sarah Stanley lab

26 Samuel Duesman, Abha Rajbhandari Lab

31 Anthony Lacagnina, Roger Clem Lab