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Department of Environmental Medicine and Public Health Special Seminar -Nov 14 - Speaker: Katlyn May

Title: Beer-reviewed Science: How (and why) to talk about your science with people outside the lab.

Ms. Katlyn May, Co-Director, Community Engagement Core, Center for Human Health and the

Bio: Ms. May is a community engagement practitioner with formal training from Duke University in community-based environmental management, and is currently completing her doctoral work in Science Education at North Carolina State University. Her full-time work is for the Center for Human Health and the Environment at NC State, where she leads the Center's community engagement, science communication, and public education efforts. Both her research and her engagement work is focused on implementing and evaluating environmental health literacy initiatives. 

Abstract: Communicating one's scientific research goes beyond peer-reviewed publications and professional meetings. In fact, the majority of our fellow citizens are not getting their scientific information from either of those sources. Being able to discuss the significance and relevance of our research, with any type of audience, is critical for continued widespread trust and support in science. Effectively communicating about research outside of academia takes care and consideration, avoiding pitfalls and exercising best practices. But the better we can tell the story about our research to a stranger at the neighborhood bar (or library, or family party), the better we can write grants, engage stakeholders, and eventually improve public health. 

Date: Thursday, November 14th 2019
Time: 12:00pm-1:00pm
Location: CAM Building, 17 E 102nd, 5th Floor West, D5-122

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*Light lunch will be provided. We are trying to be more eco- friendly, so please bring your own reusable cup or water bottle.

Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

CAM Building, 17 East 102nd Street, West Tower Elevator, 5th Floor, D5-122

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Ms. Katlyn May, Co-Director, Community Engagement Core, Center for Human Health and the Environment