Mount Sinai Health System

Epigenetics WIP (Work in Progress)

Epigenetics WIP (Work in Progress) Schedule

Fall 2016-Spring 2017

Participating Labs:

Akbarian, Brennand, Casaccia, Friedel, Haghighi, Hurd, Kenny, Maze, Morishita, Nestler, Schaefer, Tsankova, Zachariou & Zou Labs

Fridays, 9-10 am (we start at 9 am sharp)

Location: Annenberg 19-79

Coffee and pastries will be available.


Sept    9          Cancelled-Pinar Ayata (postdoc)                                  Anne Schaefer’s Lab

            16       Yan Jiang (postdoc)                                      Schahram Akbarian’s Lab

            23       Jialiang Liang (Ph.D. student)                      Patrizia Casaccia’s Lab

            30       Chrystian Junqueira-Alves (postdoc)         Jenny Zou’s Lab

Oct      7          Benoit Labonte (postdoc)                            Eric Nestler’s Lab 

            14       NO WIP – FACULTY Retreat

            21       Amanda Mitchell (postdoc)                         Schahram Akbarian’s Lab

            28       Alexander Smith(postdoc)                         Paul Kenny’s Lab

Nov     4          Gabor Egervari (Ph.D. student)                   Yasmin Hurd’s Lab

            11       NO WIP – VETERANS DAY

            18       Cancelled-Kamilah Castro (Ph.D. student)                  Patrizia Casaccia’s Lab

            25       NO WIP – THANKSGIVING


Dec      2          Vicky Mitsi (visiting grad student)              Vanna Zachariou’s Lab

            9          Tristan Fehr (student)                                 Schahram Akbarian’s Lab

            16       Catherine Pena (postdoc)                            Eric Nestler’s Lab     

            23       NO WIP – XMAS/NEW YEAR                     

            30       NO WIP – XMAS/NEW YEAR


Jan      6          Nicolas Daviaud (postdoc)                           Jenny Zou’s Lab

            13       Henrietta Szutorisz (postdoc)                      Yasmin Hurd’s Lab  

            20       Ashley Lepack (Ph.D. student)                    Ian Maze’s Lab                     

            27       Prashanth Rajarajan (MD, Ph.D. student)  Kristen Brennand & Akbarian Lab


Feb      3          Molly Heyer (postdoc)                                  Paul Kenny’s Lab     

            10       Bisrat Woldemichael (postdoc)                   Schahram Akbarian’s Lab   

            17       Milo Smith (Ph.D. student)                         Hirofumi Morishita & Dudley lab

            24       Tanni Rahman (master’s student)             Yasmin Hurd’s Lab


Mar     3          Shalaka Wahane (postdoc)                          Jenny Zou’s Lab                                

            10       Sarah Moyon (postdoc)                               Patrizia Casaccia’s Lab

            17       Deena Walker (postdoc)                              Eric Nestler’s Lab 

            24       Ryan Bastle (postdoc)                                  Ian Maze’s Lab 

            31       Amy Frick (student)                                     Yasmin Hurd’s Lab

Apr      7          Lucy Bicks (Ph.D. student)                           Hirofumi Morishita & Akbarian’s lab)

            14       NO WIP – GOOD FRIDAY

            21       Jessica Tome-Garcia  (postdoc)                   Nadejda Tsankova’s lab

            28       NO WIP – FBI Retreat


May     5          Erin Flaherty (Ph.D. student)                      Kristen Brennand’s Lab

            12       Zac Chatterton                                               Fatemeh Haghighi’s Lab

            19       Parsa Erfani (research associate)               Nadejda Tsankova’s Lab

            26       Josefa Sullivan (Ph.D. student)                    Anne Schaefer’s Lab


June    2          Talk by Colleen McClung from University of Pittsburgh --Ming-Hu Han’s Lab

            9          Pinar Ayata (postdoc)                                  Anne Schaefer’s Lab 

            16       Hope Kronman (MD, Ph.D. student)           Eric Nestler’s Lab     

            23       Zachary Lorsch (MD, Ph.D. student)           Eric Nestler’s Lab

            30       Noel Warren (postdoc)                                Yasmin Hurd’s Lab


July     7          Casey Lardner (MD, Ph.D. student)                        Eric Nestler’s Lab

            14       Elisa Nabel (MD, Ph.D. student)                  Hirofumi Morishita’s Lab

            21       Elizabeth LaMarca (student)                       Schahram Akbarian’s Lab

            28       Eric Tsai (student)                                        Patrizia Casaccia’s Lab


Aug     4          Sandhya Chandrasekaran (student)          Schahram Akbarian’s Lab

            11       Philipp Mews (postdoc)                               Eric Nestler’s Lab                 

            25       Lorna Farrelly (postdoc)                              Ian Maze’s Lab 



NIDA T32 Trainee



Catering INVOICE #41507

Friday, August 25, 2017 at 9:00am to 10:00am

Annenberg 19-79, 19-79 1468 Madison Avenue