Mount Sinai Health System

Complex Coronary Cases (CCC) Symposium

The field of Interventional Cardiology is evolving rapidly with the introduction of new devices and technology. Percutaneous intervention continues to evolve with the rapid growth of established and new technology supplemented constantly by the results of randomized trials and registries, with the common goal of improving procedural efficiency, safety and outcomes.  As practicing interventionalists, our knowledge should remain current to appropriately treat coronary disease based on the available devices, therapy and trial results. Hence, we need to participate in continuing educational activities to get the latest updates. The cost-effectiveness of new techniques or technology always needs to be weighed against the established practices, before making any decision in our daily practice. We plan to present the interventional format consistent with the guidelines published on the particular disease process. That is exactly what we plan to achieve in our one-day Complex Coronary Cases (CCC) Symposium on Thursday, June 13th; to present concise and current important information that will update you on the latest techniques and technologies and help clarify emerging areas of diagnostic and therapeutic controversy. We will continue to offer recent updates of various operational topics encountered in the Cath Lab daily in a dedicated one day Nurse Technologist Symposium on June 14th. 
The primary focus of this course is to present a multi-device approach to complex revascularization in patients with complex coronary disease.  Techniques such as retrograde CTO recanalization, unprotected left main bifurcation, atherectomy for severely calcified lesions and dedicated bifurcation stenting will be demonstrated using live case presentations as a platform for discussion by the operators, panelists and audience. The program is complemented by unbiased commentary of live cases by world renowned experts and discussions intended to bring out general consensus regarding the most effective appropriate strategy that you can apply immediately in your practice.  
In addition, the course will present common topics of controversy we frequently encounter in the field of cardiovascular medicine in the form of interventional debates. There will be selected lectures on various topics of interventional cardiology by global world experts. These updates will supplement the live cases with an up-to-date, comprehensive review of the most important and controversial topics of the current year. 
We are committed to offering the 2019 Live Symposium as a platform for continued innovation in interventional cardiovascular medicine with the main interest of achieving safe procedural outcomes and strong emphasis on the appropriateness of the revascularization choice. 

Thursday, June 13 at 7:30am to 6:00pm

Stern Auditorium, Stern 1468 Madison Aveneue