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Thursday, April 11

Department of Dermatology Grand Rounds Lecture Series

Residents discuss Patient Presentations

Virtual Event
Cells, Circuits, & Behavior WIP (Work in Progress)

The Cells, Circuits and Behavior (CCB) WIP includes 16 laboratories whose work focuses on the integration of molecular, cellular and behavioral studies in...

Neurodevelopment and disease  (Work in Progress)

The NDD-WIP is a seminar series for laboratories at Mount Sinai that study process of neural development, regeneration, and stem cells. Investigations...

Olaf Sporns, PhD - Translational NEUROSCIENCE Peter J. Sharp Foundation Lecture

Networks, Dynamics, Information: The Brain as a Complex System Olaf Sporns, PhD Distinguished Professor Shaffer Chair Indiana University Bloomington Thurs,...

Tai Chi

(This class is for patients with Parkinson's disease.) T'ai Chi is a simple, yet highly effective movement routine that brings up the body's vital energy and...

Thursday, April 11