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Thursday, August 19

Early Onset Stroke

Stroke is not just an “older person’s disease.” An estimated 10 percent of stroke patients are younger than 50, and trends are increasing among young adults....

QiGong and Breathworks

Swimming Dragon, a Qigong form, is a graceful movement, which imitates the sinuous movements of a dragon swimming in the sea and flying up into the clouds....

Virtual Event
Why Gut Health is More Important Than Your Think

Dietitian Nutritionist, Austin Park, MS, RDN, from God’s Love We Deliver will discuss how gut health effects the body’s systems and the connection to brain...

Virtual Event
Tai Chi

(This class is for patients with Parkinson's disease.) T'ai Chi is a simple, yet highly effective movement routine that brings up the body's vital energy and...

Thursday, August 19