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Friday, January 12

Epigenetics WIP (Work in Progress) Schedule

Epigenetics WIP (Work in Progress) Schedule Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Participating Labs: Akbarian, Brennand, Casaccia, Dudley, Friedel, Haghighi, Hurd,...

Division of Liver Diseases: Works In Progress

Sammi Wang - from the labortory of Dr. Friedman Topic: "UHRF1 regulates DNA methylation and liver regeneration in mice"

Division of Liver Diseases: Seminar Series

Jia-bo Wang, Ph.D. - Associate Director Institute of Chinese Herbal Medicine Integrative Medical Center for Liver Diseases Beijing 302 Hospital China Topic:...

MSN seminars - Felix Leroy - Columbia University

Although the hippocampus is well known to play a central role in declarative memory, its importance for motivated behaviors, including social aggression,...

Friday, January 12