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Monday, April 17

Big Data Science with the BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center | MOOC on Coursera

In this course organized by the BD2K-LINCS Data Coordination and Integration Center, students learn various methods of analysis including: unsupervised...

Multidisciplinary Cerebrovascular Board

The Multidisciplinary Cerebrovascular Board is heald weekly with cerebrovascular and endovascular attendings, residents, fellows, and researchers to discuss...

Take Time to Meditate - Mount Sinai West

Guided Mindfulness meditation class - facilitated by Archimedes Bibiano

Genomics, Big Data, and Medicine Seminar

Join Richard Lifton, MD/PhD for "The Genetic Architecture of Human Disease from NEXT/GEN sequencing" on Monday, June 6th from 1-3pm. Dr. Lifton has used...

"The Insufficiently Appreciated Contribution of Pollution to Global Health"

Presented by: Philip Landrigan, MD, MSc, FAAP Dean for Global Health Professor, Environmental Medicine & Public Health, ISMMS Professor, Pediatrics,...

PrIISM Seminar Series

“Systems-level transcriptomic characterization of antiviral immune responses”

Take Time to Meditate

Guided Mindfulness meditation - facilitated by Mickie Brown

Monday, April 17