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Friday, December 1

Modeling and Simulation Board

The Modeling and Simulation Board is a collaborative, clinical conference where upcoming cases that may benefit from pre-operative modeling and simulation...

Epigenetics WIP (Work in Progress) Schedule

Epigenetics WIP (Work in Progress) Schedule Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Participating Labs: Akbarian, Brennand, Casaccia, Dudley, Friedel, Haghighi, Hurd,...

Division of Liver Diseases: Works In Progress

Atsushi Ono - from the laboratory of Dr. Hoshida Topic: "Gene expression signature of fibrosis progression"

Clinical Research Forum

The Forum has been created to facilitate ongoing communication between research personnel like you and the administrative offices that regulate and process...

Division of Liver Diseases: Seminar Series

Maia Kayal , Gastroenterology Fellow Topic: "Hepatic Complications in IBD Treatment"

MSN seminars - James Otis - University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The prefrontal cortex is a critical neuroanatomical hub for controlling motivated behaviors across mammalian species. In addition to intra-cortical...

Friday, December 1