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Network Analysis in Systems Biology | MOOC on Coursera

An introduction to data integration and statistical methods used in contemporary Systems Biology, Bioinformatics and Systems Pharmacology research. The...

Virtual Event
Cell, Developmental And Regenerative Biology WIP Virtual

Taylor Pullinger (DRS/Sobie Lab) Title of Talk: "Computational Cardic Tissue Models with Cell-to-Cell Heterogeneity"

6/14 12pm
Virtual Event
Bariatric Support Group for Pre-op and Post-op Patients

Bariatric Wellness Support Group for Post-op Patients

Difficult Choices Support Group

A monthly support group for women and couples who have terminated a wanted pregnancy following prenatal diagnosis. Please contact Laurie Chameides at 212...

CULTIVATING HEALTHY COMMUNITIES: Confronting Health Threats, Climate Disasters, and Biodiversity Collapse with a Toxic-Free Future

Convened by Beyond Pesticides and the Mount Sinai Institute for Exposomic Research Scientific understanding. Collective action. Systemic change. A...

6/15 1pm
Virtual Event
Precision Immunology Institute Work In Progress (WIP)

"Microglial Responses to Peripheral Influenza Infection" Andrew Chan PhD Candidate Laboratory of Anne Schafer Department of Neuroscience "Viral...

6/15 2pm
Virtual Event
Chair Yoga for Movement Disorders

Gentle class designed to help people with Parkinson's disease, dystonia, and other movement disorders. Emphasis is on flexibility, coordination, facial...